33 & Growing

As I approach my 33rd Birthday I feel a sense of excitement & joy. I look forward to the year to come knowing that my life gets better each year as I work to improve myself and build from each passing year. I consider myself a work in progress always. I sometimes joke and say one of these days I am going to stop and say you know what I’m done growing. I’ve reached perfection…kidding.
All joking aside, life is a constant work in progress and if we don’t continue to move forward and work to be better than we will either stay stagnant or go backwards which is just a downhill spiral. We were given this beautiful gift of life and we shouldn’t abuse it or take it for granted.

In this blog, I wanted to share 33 lessons I’ve learned in my 33 years on this earth.

1.)    Wake up every morning with a grateful heart and an open mind.

2.)    Love yourself first & then you can fully open your heart.

3.)    Best friends last a life time. It is not the quantity but the quality.

4.)    Don’t listen to other people’s negativity. Listen to intuition and your own beliefs.

5.)    Misery loves company, so keep good company and stay away from those who drag you down.

6.)    Every person that comes into your life comes in to teach a lesson. So open your mind and learn from everyone around you.

7.)    Vicious cycle’s repeat until we learn our lesson. If you feel stuck in a cycle look within yourself and think about what you need to do to break the cycle.

8.)    Forgiveness is not about them. It is about you. Don’t waste time holding onto grudges. The only person you are hurting is yourself.

9.)    Stop worrying, things get better once you start focusing on the possibility of what could be.

10.)    Antibiotics are not the answer. You can heal yourself naturally. Let food be your medicine.

11.)    Fruits and vegetables are the key to feeling and looking your best.

12.)    Don’t be scared of fats. If you want to burn fat you need to eat healthy fats.

13.)    Stop focusing on calories. Focus on the quality of your food and you won’t have to count a calorie for the rest of your life.

14.)    Organic is best.  Processed foods feed disease. Limit as much as possible.

15.)    Your mood and what you eat are linked. So if you aren’t feeling great, look at what you are eating.

16.)    Physical Activity is key to living healthy & balanced. Get moving!

17.)    Marriage is about communication, love, growth, forgiveness and most importantly true friendship. Don’t take each other for granted. Love and appreciate each other!

18.)     Face your fears because everything you want is on the other side of fear.

19.)    Dream BIGGER every day.

20.)    Don’t forget to breath.

21.)    We do get better with age.

22.)    True beauty lies within.

23.)    We only feel “stuck” because we are afraid of change. Make the change and everything else will follow.

24.)    People put others down because they are not happy with themselves. Don’t take it personally.

25.)    Being powerful is about lifting people up to be better.

26.)     Never go to bed angry.

27.)    A healthy lifestyle is about finding your own balance, eating right for your body, & feeling comfortable in your own skin.

28.)    Let go of the past, live in the moment and look forward to the future.

29.)    Be a good person, actions speak louder than words.

30.)    The way we think controls everything. Think good thoughts and good things follow.

31.)     End your day on a positive note. Every night before you go to bed reflect on positive things that happened that day.

32.)    Follow your passion and you will continue to evolve.

33.)    Enjoy food you love in moderation. It’s all about balance.

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