moveitmonday5 ways to mentally, emotionally and physically kick start a positive week

1. Meditation

The thought of meditation can be intimidating at first. Transcendental meditation is a form of mantra meditation that normally involves repeating a mantra to yourself for a designated length of time. This practice holds many benefits including stress reduction, mood disorders and other stress related conditions. Whether you choose to take five minutes when you wake up or before you go to sleep, this time allows you to reflect and focus on you, set an intention, or simply sit with your breath and be present. You will be surprised at how impactful even five minutes can be on your mindset, especially before starting a new week!

How to get started:

1. Find a quiet place at a convenient time in your schedule.
2. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and focus on finding a rhythm
with your breathing. Once you become comfortable with this you can begin to add in a mantra that supports your intentions and goals.

2. Plan ahead
Sometimes the week flies by and unexpected things occur, throwing routines off balance. Instead of allowing unexpected occurrences to overwhelm you, be proactive and plan your workouts and meals for the week ahead of time. First, set aside some time on Sunday’s to map out your workouts for week. This will mentally commit you to making it to your workout class or turning on your workout DVD when you get home from work. Second, meal prep! Cooking in bulk for the week can save you both time and money and also avoid making unhealthy food choices when you are pressed for time.

Some ideas:
1. Prepare a few of your favorite veggies in bulk and have them chopped and put into containers so they are all ready for salad making etc.
2. Grill/bake chicken breasts for the week to decrease cooking time when you get home from work. You can even season the breasts differently so you have different tastes throughout the week.

3. Try Something New


While many of us enjoy getting back into our routines after the weekend, sometimes the repetitiveness can get, well, repetitive… To keep it fresh try incorporating a new type of workout into your routine. If you are an avid runner or cardio lover, set aside some time for a new type of workout that you have been eager or unsure about doing, you might love it! It will also challenge different muscles and boost your metabolism so that your body does not get too accustomed to one type of workout.

Switching it up:
1. Cardio lovers – Spend a little time researching strength training workouts as a supplement to your cardio. Many fitness bloggers, such as Kayla Itsines, provide free workout programs to try.

2. For those who avoid cardio such as running and spinning, experiment with the below to keep it fun and exciting.
a. 1. Tabata style workouts
2. Jumping rope

4. Partner Up

Grab your workout-junkie friend and set a date! Having a partner to workout with can stand as an accountability tool to keep you motivated. It also adds some fun to working out after a long day at the office. Encourage, motivate, and push each other to show up and be the best versions of yourselves.

How to get going:
1. Find mutually convenient times for you and your friend to avoid the workout feeling like a hassle.
2. Confide in each other about your fitness goals and brainstorm workouts that you have been eager to try that can help meet these goals. Having this support system can be a very motivating factor.

5. Let go

Focusing on the positives, with an increased sense of gratitude alone, can do wonders for your well-being and an overall more positive mindset. One does have the ability to choose between the ‘light and bright’ or ‘dark and gloomy’ and this choice is yours every single day. Many of us understand that health and happiness is the true form of wealth, but what does it mean? How do we implement it?

Here is a wonderful link to help guide you in the pursuit of blissful detachment…

This newsletter was written by Chelsea Baptiste (, the newest addition to Healthy Steps Forward.

Tara Liz

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Powerful Video…


Hi Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather! I wanted to share an extremely powerful video that I recently came across. This profound video could change the way you view healthy eating and how you are living your life. It’s less than two minutes…

WARNING: This video may be upsetting for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

By taking positive steps in the right direction you can take back control of your health and change your life. If you or a loved one needs help…please do not hesitate to reach out!

Wishing you health, love and happiness.


Tara Liz
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Spring Clean Your Diet



Spring has sprung!  We often think of spring cleaning our homes this time of year, but how about spring cleaning our bodies? Your home and your wardrobe aren’t the only areas in life that would benefit from a cleansing. Now is the time to fine tune your health, shed those winter pounds and detoxify from the long winter.  If you are ready to increase your energy levels, improve digestion and lose a few pounds before the summer time… then I suggest you read on.Here are my top healthy tips to spring clean your body…
Step 1. Kitchen Makeover

Making over your eating habits starts in your kitchen. So clean out those cabinets!Start by clearing out any processed or highly refined products such as packaged sweets, white bread, white rice, potato chips…etc. Swap out these items for fiber rich whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa, and sprouted whole grain bread. Stock up your refrigerator with lean meats like grass-fed, free range chicken or turkey, wild or responsibly farmed fish.  When you “swap out” unhealthy food for healthier options you are more likely to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.
Outta sight, outta mind! 🙂
Step 2. Plan Ahead Shop Smart


Pick and set a specific day of the week to do your food shopping and prepare for the week!
Buying seasonal, local fresh fruits and vegetables will save you money and offer top nutritional value and taste!
In the spring, stock up on foods such as:
  • Dark Leafy Greens (Bokchoy, Spinach, Kale)
  • Strawberries
  • Avocados
  • Beets
  • Sweet Potatoes
Speak with your local farmer or grocer to find out what’s best in season. Have a variety of fruits and veggies to snack on, which are easy to grab when you are on the run.
Step 3. Detox  

A detox is an awesome way to reset, reboot and introduce healthy eating habits, such as portion control.There are a variety of cleanses from 3 day juice cleanses to 10 day detoxes. I recommend a 10 day detox as a powerful jumpstart to set healthier habits in motion.Here is the link with more information about the Tara Liz Healthy Steps Reset Detox…
Step 4. Hydrate!
Drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day and even more if you are exercising. Staying hydrated will help flush out toxins, promote glowing skin, improve mental alertness, boost your metabolism and help curb your appetite.”Swap out” soda, juices and sugary drinks for water with lemon for an extra detox boost!
Step 5. Add Protein

Immediately start your day with protein first to rev up your metabolism. Adding in lean protein to most of your meals and snacks will also keep you feeling full and energized.  For example, add protein powder to your smoothie, eat hard boiled eggs for a snack or Greek yogurt with chia seeds and berries.
Step 6. Add Healthy fats

Healthy fat will help you burn body fat! Choosing the right ones are key. For example stay away from trans fat, the highly refined kind found in margarine, processed cakes/cookies..etc. Instead choose nuts, avocados, nut butters, chia seeds, olive or coconut oil and wild caught fresh salmon.
Step 7. Green It Up!

Greens are loaded with  essential nutrients and vitamins. Green smoothies and juices are one of the best ways to cleanse your body, boost immunity, improve digestion, de-bloat and increase your daily fruit and veggie intake. I recommend throwing in greens in your morning smoothie or adding it into your post workout shake.Here is a link to my website with a complimentary smoothie
If you are having trouble getting started I offer a variety of programs and would love to help you reach your goals. Act fast, take advantage of my “Spring 10% Off” promotion which is applicable to my detox program and all packages.Also the next Fit & Lean Challenge starts Monday April 6th! You can register here… 

Have a happy, healthy, cleansing spring!

Healthy Steps Vacation Tips



I can’t believe it’s August already! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first half of the summer and have taken time for a little fun in the sun. If you’re anything like me, you’ve indulged in a few summer time treats… maybe too many at times! It never is an easy task to strike a balance between health and wellness during road trips to the beach, flying to vacation destinations or visiting friends/family. We’re often held hostage to whatever meals and snacks are available in transit, and the selections are typically not the best.

Here’s the good news… you can beat the travel hangover! We all know the feeling… arriving home a little bloated, afraid of the scale and fatigued. The key to maintaining a sustainable healthy balance while away from home is actually rather simple when you incorporate a few strategies. If you plan ahead and set realistic goals, you will come back feeling great! Let’s be clear, you do not have to deprive yourself. You should enjoy your time away without feeling overly constricted.

When you are on vacation, more often than not, you will indulge in “Treat Meals” as I call them. I will dive into further detail about the “Treat Meal” concept in my next blog; However, the key point (in the vacation context) is that you’re going to enjoy more treats than usual. The best way to counteract this temporary indulgence is to incorporate smart healthy steps into your routine.

So, how do you find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle during summer vacation? 

Follow these tips to stay on track while you’re away and get back on track once you get home… 

Healthy Steps Vacation Tips:

1.) Incorporate dark leafy greens, vegetables or fruit into at least 2 out of 3 meals every day.

2.) Add movement into each day. For example: walking instead of taking a cab ,going for a run or a swim, hitting the gym, yoga on the beach or going for a hike.

3.) Buy and pack organic green powder to mix with water like Organic Amazing Grass Green Superfood. You can buy them in packets which will make it easier for you to store.It’s important to have as much greens as you can to alkalize your body. Our diets on vacation are often times too acidic so this will help keep you feeling more balanced and enhance your mood!

4.) Drink plenty of water and add lemon. This is another way to detox your body and stay hydrated. 

5.) Bring a Vitamin B12 supplement. B12 is very important for healthy metabolic support and generation of red blood cells. If you indulge in too many adult beverages, it will also help your body bounce back the next day. 

6.) Carry healthy snacks with you so that you aren’t reaching for potato chips every day on vacation.  For example, Unsalted walnuts or almondsGoji berries, Nativas Natural Power Snacks,or  Organic Nature’s Path Health Bars.
I also like to bring my own tea depending on where I go.

Post Vacation Healthy Steps Tips:

1.) Have a plan of attack – Bring a journal on vacation and on the plane or car ride home set three new action steps for the upcoming week.

2.) Schedule your workouts in your calendar as if they are important meetings that you can’t miss.

3.) Plan to go to the grocery store the day you come back or order fresh direct and load up on whole foods (fruit, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds).

4.) Cook at home and take back control of your meals.

5.) Do a cleanse the following week. This can be a quick three day juice/smoothie cleanse or a 7-10 day whole food detox like the one I offer here…

6.) Set your long term goals and get into the right mindset. Focus on things that you have to look forward to like your next vacation or a wedding that is coming up.  Use this to keep you going!

Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up or wallow if you gained a few lbs on vacation. Instead use that as motivation to take action and push forward. You will see results in as little as a week or two if you are determined. The sooner you get back on the health track after vacation, the better you will feel!

Tara Liz

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The Secret to Oil Pulling


I know what you are thinking…”Oil Pulling”? That is so weird and time consuming! I don’t blame you… I felt the same exact way for a long time. Recently however I decided to experiment with Oil Pulling after a dear friend of mine told me about her experience.

The first surprise was how enjoyable and refreshing the process was. Secondly, I quickly realized that investing 10-20 minutes of my day wasn’t at all too demanding in the grand scheme of things. The health benefits I noticed were awesome, so let me fill you in on the secret.  🙂

What is the secret to oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification. It was developed by Dr. Karach who claimed that by using this method one could heal many chronic illnesses and diseases, preventing the need for surgery or medication. This involves the use of pure oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and even throat.

What are the oral health benefits of oil pulling?

  • Overall strengthening of the teeth, gums and jaws.
  • Prevention of diseases of the gums and mouth, such as cavities and gingivitis.
  • Prevention for bad breath. It is a wonderful substitution for harsh alcohol mouthwash, which can dry you out and do more harm than good over time.
  • Holistic remedy for bleeding gums.
  • Prevention of dryness of the lips, mouth, and throat.
  • Possible holistic treatment for TMJ and general soreness in the jaw.

Other health benefits:

  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Detox your body
  • Improve digestion
  • Balance hormonal issues
  • Clear up migraine headaches
  • Improve joint pain
  • Boost your energy
  • Give you glowing skin
  • Regulate menstrual cycles
  • Improved PMS symptoms.
  • Improve overall health

Give it a try...

Gently swish with 1 tbsp. of coconut oil for 10-20 minutes before brushing 3 or more times a week. Please note: DO NOT SWALLOW. Spit the oil into the sink followed by brushing your teeth.
Any oil will do but I recommend organic coconut oil as it may be extra effective thanks to it’s antimicrobial lauric acid. Plus it leaves an amazing taste in your mouth.

You can order my favorite coconut oil by Nutiva here…

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