Declare Independence For Your Health!

Healthy Food Tips
BBQ’s, fireworks, swim suits, the beach… summer is in full swing, with the 4th of July only days away!! It is certainly one of the most festive and beautiful times of year, but often a season people stress about health wise. If you are like most of my clients you’ll ask yourself, “How on earth can I keep my diet on track, yet still have fun?”
By now you should know my mantra has nothing to do with torturing yourself on unrealistic rigid diets. Success comes in the form of discovering a balanced healthy lifestyle. So, get the “diet” out of your head and follow me without fear! The simple truth is that taking the initial healthy steps really isn’t hard. It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating smarter. We aim to swap out the wrong food for the right food without sacrificing enjoyment.
To get you started on the right direction, here are a handful of tips which will help you make better choices at your BBQ’s this summer. Rest assured, you can keep your sexy shape while enjoying the things that make summer so wonderful!
1.) Have a healthy breakfast to start your day off right… no exceptions! ~Examples… Breakfast Smoothie,  Oatmeal w/ Fruit, Egg Whites w/ Veggies, Whole Grain Cereal w/ Fruit, Greek Yogurt w/ Honey and Berries.
2.) Bring something nutritious to the BBQ. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, it provides you a safe “out” in case you find there aren’t other healthy options to choose from. ~Examples… Veggie Platter w/ Healthy Dip, Farm Fresh Salad w/ Homemade Dressing (on the side of course), A Fresh Fruit Dessert.
3.) When you’re bellying up to the grill choose lean meat or a vegetarian options. ~Examples… Portobello mushroom burger,  a turkey or salmon burger, grilled chicken or shrimp, over steak, burgers or wings. They are lower in calories, lower in fat, and provide a protein power punch.
4.) Crowd out. If a burger or sandwich is calling you’re name, don’t panic. You can modify your meal by going no bun and filling the rest of your plate with salad and vegetables.
5.) Keep that body in motion! Jump in that volleyball game, run around with the kids or sneak in a few laps while floating around the pool. You can make the calorie burning process fun while not feeling guilty about missing out on a potential “gym” day.
6.) Whenever possible, skip the high calorie beer. If alcohol is on the agenda, try to save your body from wasteful carb heavy calories by adding a kick of delicious refreshment. ~Example… White Wine Spritzer, Skinny Girl Margarita (skip the salt), or Vodka Soda w/ a Splash of Pineapple.
7.) Avoid potato chips and swap them out for healthier options. They are high in salt and spike your blood sugar level. This is what I call double trouble. Swap them for whole grain pita crisps, gluten free crackers ( My favorite; Mary’s Gone Crackers) , or kale chips.
8.) For dessert, fruit and berries are a must over cookies and cakes. You want to feel good and not walk around bloated and tired.
9.) Hydrate by drinking lots of water, adding some lemon or lime when possible. Seltzer and unsweetened iced-t are also very good hydrating options.
10.) Carry healthy snacks with you.  A handful of nuts with goji berries on the beach will keep you feeling energized and full longer. Plus you’re getting a nice blast of nutrition to keep you metabolism properly firing on all cylinders.
Enjoy! Have a happy, healthy 4th!
Tara Liz
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Small Changes



Hello Healthy Steppers!

Summer is right around the corner so it is easy to get into panic mode thinking about how you are going to lose weight or get in shape. You don’t have to up route your life in one day, take it step by step. The truth is that small changes do make a BIG difference.

For example, I recently noticed that I was resorting to eating Kind Bars on a regular occurrence. And although they are a healthier option than many other bars, they still contain sugar and are quasi processed. Using the warm weather as motivation, I decided to swap out Kind Bars for veggies and organic hummus or nut butter. In a matter of one week I lost two pounds and felt better too!

I want you to think about that one food that you have been resorting to for convenience or habit that you can easily swap out for a healthier option. Give it one week and see the difference! It truly is the small changes that add up that make a big difference.

Have a great week and continue to take your healthy steps!
Tara Liz

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

1.) Treat your body right, you deserve a First Class Lifestyle.

2.) Fuel your body with nutrient rich foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

3.) Drink lots of water & tea.

4.) Tell yourself how wonderful you are and mean it!

5.) Be grateful every day, gratitude goes along way!

6.) Add movement into your lifestyle. Go for a walk, take a class, and get moving!

7.) Make dark leafy greens your new best friend.

8.) Find time for you, read a book, meditate, take a bath.

9.) Do what you love, and love what you do.

10.) Dream big and believe in it!!

Healthy Eating Tips

1.)  Start your day with breakfast.

2. ) Incorporate fruit and veggies into your meals.

3. ) Eat every 3-5 hours.

4. ) Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5.)  Make breakfast and/or lunch your biggest meals.

6. ) Keep dinner light.

7. ) Eat less gluten.

8. ) Drink lots of water.

9. ) Choose healthy fats. For example: nuts, seeds, almond butter, avocado, coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil.

10. ) Eat real, whole foods.