Creating Your Vision

In this blog I will discuss how to begin creating your vision. I ask that you keep an open your mind, leave excuses to the side and listen to what I am about to tell you…

The power of human drive and vision is beautifully intense and truly immeasurable. Think about it… tiny grains of inspiration have led to all of the artistic masterpieces and inspiring architectural creations we recognize as icons. It is that intangible desire to create a vision and chase it which makes us all so unique. In my profession, inspiration and creativity are the bedrock for developing a vision of health and wellness. I think of vision as the blueprint in developing your healthy lifestyle plan. Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be around? Where do you want to live? What kind of career do you have? The beauty of these questions is that there is no one “right” answer. We can seize the moment along our individual paths by simply being aware of what our vision is. If we do not do this, then how do we know what we are working towards? Ultimately, having a clear vision and believing in your vision will guide you in building momentum during your healthy steps journey.

Clear your mind for a moment and allow your vision to reset. Think of a massive large blank canvas. Now, I will provide you an unlimited supply of paints and paint brushes to design your perfect vision. The paint will be powerful health and wellness information that I’ll teach you about. Think of the paint brushes as the coaching and structure I’ll provide while you navigate the temptations of the unhealthy world around you. I am not suggesting you will click your heels and have an immediate life transformation. However, I believe that equipped with the right tools and support you will succeed in taking full control of your life. You can regain a passion for living and harness that high energy positive outlook that makes you glow! Get back into the driver seat and start anew.

There’s no debate, the status quo is easy. Human beings find comfort in the norm, as with change comes fear. Unfortunately the norm isn’t working. This means you have to be brave. Not for me, and not for anyone else, but for you! I know there are things holding you back, rest assured however those “things” are just excuses. Reasons you’ve convinced yourself are massive hurdles. Right now fear is winning and your vision is being bullied.

The dirty little secret to this exercise is, you actually have nothing to be fearful of at all. That’s right, being healthy & happy isn’t a sacrifice nor is it scary. Matter of fact, living a healthy lifestyle is far easier than living malnourished and unhappy. I promise you that you will sleep better, you will be happier during the day and you will enjoy finding a new balance to life. Believe it or not, in short order you will crave healthy snacks. Junk food will make you feel…. well, like junk!

We owe it to ourselves to take care of our bodies (we only get one). The point is, this is the smartest decision you can make in life. Build your vision and charge towards it full speed!

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