Healthy Steps Forward

Hello!! My name is Tara Liz and I am the Founder of Tara Liz Healthy Steps Forward. This is my very first blog and an exciting time as I launch my business! I figured the best way to start out is by telling you a little bit about myself & my business. I am a fun loving, happily married healthy lifestyle coach who is passionate about my craft. I am certified in the field of health & wellness and loving every minute of it. I created Healthy Steps Forward to help motivate & inspire others to face their fears, stop making excuses and start living a healthy life they love. I believe that health & happiness is a choice, as much as a way of life and I am here to guide you there.

As I write my first blog I can’t help but reflect on my past. Not too long ago, I was “stuck” in a job I didn’t love and felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I struggled with eating issues and balancing my lifestyle… I was fearful and lost. Although there were many bumps along the way, now looking back I feel a warm sense of gratitude. It was that bumpy path that led me toward my passion of helping others.

I have so much to share with you from my journey. Throughout my blog I will discuss topics about nutrition, fitness regiments, spirituality, career guidance, relationship advice and overall healthy lifestyle tips. The principles of Healthy Steps Forward were developed through my own path of healing & discovery. It is not only my business, it is my heart & soul. My hope is that my blog inspires you to take the initial steps to a healthier, happier you!

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