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I can’t believe it’s August already! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first half of the summer and have taken time for a little fun in the sun. If you’re anything like me, you’ve indulged in a few summer time treats… maybe too many at times! It never is an easy task to strike a balance between health and wellness during road trips to the beach, flying to vacation destinations or visiting friends/family. We’re often held hostage to whatever meals and snacks are available in transit, and the selections are typically not the best.

Here’s the good news… you can beat the travel hangover! We all know the feeling… arriving home a little bloated, afraid of the scale and fatigued. The key to maintaining a sustainable healthy balance while away from home is actually rather simple when you incorporate a few strategies. If you plan ahead and set realistic goals, you will come back feeling great! Let’s be clear, you do not have to deprive yourself. You should enjoy your time away without feeling overly constricted.

When you are on vacation, more often than not, you will indulge in “Treat Meals” as I call them. I will dive into further detail about the “Treat Meal” concept in my next blog; However, the key point (in the vacation context) is that you’re going to enjoy more treats than usual. The best way to counteract this temporary indulgence is to incorporate smart healthy steps into your routine.

So, how do you find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle during summer vacation? 

Follow these tips to stay on track while you’re away and get back on track once you get home… 

Healthy Steps Vacation Tips:

1.) Incorporate dark leafy greens, vegetables or fruit into at least 2 out of 3 meals every day.

2.) Add movement into each day. For example: walking instead of taking a cab ,going for a run or a swim, hitting the gym, yoga on the beach or going for a hike.

3.) Buy and pack organic green powder to mix with water like Organic Amazing Grass Green Superfood. You can buy them in packets which will make it easier for you to store.It’s important to have as much greens as you can to alkalize your body. Our diets on vacation are often times too acidic so this will help keep you feeling more balanced and enhance your mood!

4.) Drink plenty of water and add lemon. This is another way to detox your body and stay hydrated. 

5.) Bring a Vitamin B12 supplement. B12 is very important for healthy metabolic support and generation of red blood cells. If you indulge in too many adult beverages, it will also help your body bounce back the next day. 

6.) Carry healthy snacks with you so that you aren’t reaching for potato chips every day on vacation.  For example, Unsalted walnuts or almondsGoji berries, Nativas Natural Power Snacks,or  Organic Nature’s Path Health Bars.
I also like to bring my own tea depending on where I go.

Post Vacation Healthy Steps Tips:

1.) Have a plan of attack – Bring a journal on vacation and on the plane or car ride home set three new action steps for the upcoming week.

2.) Schedule your workouts in your calendar as if they are important meetings that you can’t miss.

3.) Plan to go to the grocery store the day you come back or order fresh direct and load up on whole foods (fruit, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds).

4.) Cook at home and take back control of your meals.

5.) Do a cleanse the following week. This can be a quick three day juice/smoothie cleanse or a 7-10 day whole food detox like the one I offer here…

6.) Set your long term goals and get into the right mindset. Focus on things that you have to look forward to like your next vacation or a wedding that is coming up.  Use this to keep you going!

Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up or wallow if you gained a few lbs on vacation. Instead use that as motivation to take action and push forward. You will see results in as little as a week or two if you are determined. The sooner you get back on the health track after vacation, the better you will feel!

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