It’s Time To Get Out of Your Own Way…

Just the other day I overheard someone concerned about making changes for the New Year. They were complaining about their diet and their lifestyle. The more I listened the more excuses I heard. All I kept thinking about was how much help this person needed and how they were not going to change unless they got out of their own way. I understand the comfort and familiarity of routine but it seems as though too many of us aren’t just comfortable, we are comfortably stuck. Change can be scary so we convince ourselves that its easier to stay where we are rather than take action. We sabotage ourselves before we have even tried, which leads us down a path of continued dissatisfaction.

The truth is that once you get out of your own way and start moving forward life becomes more beautiful, you will love and value yourself, you will inspire those around you and you will surprise yourself more than you ever imagined.This New Year do yourself a favor and get out of your own way. If there are things you want to do like travel, change career paths, get a makeover, lose 20 pounds, get in shape or run a marathon make this your year. You never know what can happen in life so take advantage while you can. You wont regret it. To help you get started here are five simple steps…

1.)Visualize- Close your eyes and picture yourself where you want to be. Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, being in the best shape of your life, traveling or just being healthy clearly picture yourself at your destination. *Tip*- Take it a step further and make a vision board.

2.)Believe- Instead of running off a list of reasons why it wont work. Jot down all the reasons it will.

3.)Set goals- Even if its one goal a week jot it down and stick to it. Overtime you will see how things come together.

4.)Take action- Action does speak louder than words. Start doing! Go to the gym, apply for that job, go on that date..etc. Whatever it is for you, go for it!
5.)Trust- Follow intuition…You will end up right where you are meant to be. If you need help getting started coaching plays a pivotal roll in helping people meet their health and lifestyle goals. We all can use a little guidance from time to time and why not work with a coach. The idea is to help you create a plan that you can sustain so that going forward you will have all the tools you need.

“Limitations occur only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
-Jamie Paolinetti

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