Small Changes



Hello Healthy Steppers!

Summer is right around the corner so it is easy to get into panic mode thinking about how you are going to lose weight or get in shape. You don’t have to up route your life in one day, take it step by step. The truth is that small changes do make a BIG difference.

For example, I recently noticed that I was resorting to eating Kind Bars on a regular occurrence. And although they are a healthier option than many other bars, they still contain sugar and are quasi processed. Using the warm weather as motivation, I decided to swap out Kind Bars for veggies and organic hummus or nut butter. In a matter of one week I lost two pounds and felt better too!

I want you to think about that one food that you have been resorting to for convenience or habit that you can easily swap out for a healthier option. Give it one week and see the difference! It truly is the small changes that add up that make a big difference.

Have a great week and continue to take your healthy steps!
Tara Liz

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