Bridal Programs

2015 Bridal Programs


Dream Wedding Program


  •  Bi-weekly 50 minute sessions where vision and goal setting is our foundation. We will work together to help you meet your goals for your big day!
  • 10 sessions, 4 month


Happily Ever After Program


  • Bi-weekly 60  minute sessions targeting slow, gradual shifts in diet and exercise. If you have work to do and have the time to plan than this is the overhaul you’re looking for. Things like “Kitchen Makeovers” or “Walk and Talk” sessions can be substituted as a session.
  • 12-24 sessions, 6-12 months


Bridal Beauty Reset Reset Detox


  • 2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions, 30 minutes
  • Customized 10 Day Meal Plan
  • HSF Detox Guide Book
  • Health & Lifestyle Recommendations



  • Weekly 45 minute intensive sessions for those brides who are committed to making changes fast. An accelerated program targeting those few extra pounds and stubborn areas.
  • 8 sessions, 2 months


All programs include:

  • Individualized health and lifestyle plan
  • Email and text support between sessions
  • HSF handouts to reinforce healthy eating, session goals and lifestyle techniques
  • Dedicated one-on-one coaching support via skype, phone, or in person
  • Each program is customizable in terms of duration


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