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Corporate Health and Wellness Programs in Manhattan

As you are aware, health benefit costs continue to rise. In the past, employers have tried to lessen these costs by adopting managed care strategies, shifting costs to employees, and reducing benefits. These solutions are no longer effectively controlling costs and are depressing the value of health benefits for employee recruitment and retention. An alternative strategy to contain costs is to improve the health of employees so that less medical care is required. As a Health Coach, I provide group workshops that educate your employees on how to improve their health, choose healthier food, and take actions toward living a more balanced life.

Organizational Benefits of Employee Health Education


By providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities like exercise, your organization will experience the following benefits:


  • Reduction in chronic disease – up to 80%!
  • Decreased healthcare costs – one example sites a 2% reduction in the first year alone!
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee morale
  • Enhanced workplace culture
  • Attract more talented employees and experience less turnover

Health and Wellness Programs will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved overall health
  • Improved nutrition and healthier eating habits
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Increased daily satisfaction

What we offer:



Nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs are a cost-effective solution to improve employee health, wellness and morale while decreasing your organization’s health-related costs. Employees will learn how to make better food and lifestyle choices, improving their physical and mental well-being. Employees work with a Certified Health Coach who serves as a guide and mentor empowering them to take responsibility for their health and support them in making positive sustainable lifestyle choices improving their lives and the culture of the com

The following nutrition & lifestyle coaching programs for employees are offered on an individual or group basis:


Corporate Wellness Coaching Days provide employees who work long hours sitting at their desks with the opportunity to experience 15 to 30 minute one-on-one health & wellness consultation as conducted by our Certified Health Coaches. Employees will work to achieve wellness goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, or naturally alleviating symptoms of digestive distress. They also focus on disease prevention, reducing stress, and creating balance in all areas of life. At the end of every coaching session, each employee will have healthy lifestyle actions steps in the areas that most needed attention. Coaching days are available a la carte or in a package of 6-12 sessions monthly, biweekly, or weekly.




Providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities like cooking and exercise. Workshops include education on how to implement better nutrition and life choices to create a healthier life, produce a more efficient day, and reduced stress in the work environment. It serves as a first step in allowing improvement in workplace health, and therefore experience many of the benefits described above.

Health & Wellness Workshops are a fun and informative forum for the discussion of healthy living utilizing an interactive approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment. This approach allows participants to engage in discussion and interact with other attendees through various exercises and brainstorming. Participants also receive food samples, valuable handouts and giveaways to take with them, furthering their knowledge after the workshop.

Workshops are 45 minutes in length and may be presented at multiple times to allow for the varying schedules of your employees. A small group format of 25 to 30 participants is recommended per session. A series of corporate health & wellness workshop topics are available to choose from as well as customized workshops based on an organization’s needs.


Healthy Steps Forward Workshops

Below you will find a quick abstract about the workshops…

Each workshop will include: informational handouts, interactive worksheets, recipes and samples of healthy snacks/food.


1.)   Wellness at Work

This workshop covers…

  • Key health and wellness techniques to reduce stress
  • Relaxation methods
  • Choosing stress reducing foods
  • Incorporating healthier eating habits

Benefits include: Reduced stress and anxiety, Increase energy, mental alertness and clarity, Improves mood, confidence, team unity and satisfaction in the work environment.


2.)   Express Detox

This workshop covers…

  • The importance of a detox and why we need it
  • The benefits of a detox
  • What to expect during a detox
  • What to eat
  • Juicing vs smoothies
  • Detox food and recipe overview and how to detox

Benefits include: Stronger immune system, improved mood, sharper focus, reduced cravings, weight loss, better digestion and reduced pain.


3.)   Sugar Blues Class

This workshop covers…

  • The harmful effects of sugar
  • Why we crave it and how to get it under control
  • What it is doing to our bodies
  • Healthier options to fight cravings

Benefits include: Prevention of disease, improved mood, weight loss, reduced cravings.


4.)   Eating For Energy

This workshop covers…

  • Factors that contribute to our sense of energy and vitality
  • Why foods we eat can increase or decrease our energy
  • A list of foods that increase and decrease our energy foods
  • Other lifestyle factors

Benefits include: Increased energy and overall mood, healthier eating habits and sharper focus.


5.)   Weight Less, Live More 

This workshop covers…

  • Safe ways to drop pounds and feel satisfied
  • Weight loss problems in America and why diets don’t work.

Benefits include: Simple weight loss solutions, improved overall well-being, improved mood and energy.


6.)   Healthy Eating and Primary Food Class

This workshop covers…

  • The importance of healthy eating (the benefits, what to eat)
  • An education on primary food (career, physical activity, relationships, and spirituality) and how to find balance within it all.

Benefits include: A clearer understanding of cravings and how to get them under control, a healthier, happier you, weight loss and improved overall mood and energy.


7.)   Green Smoothie

This workshop covers…


  • The benefits of smoothies
  • The importance of greens
  • How food can change your life
  • How to make smoothies and a list of ingredients/recipes.

*I will also show the class how to make a smoothie and they will get to try it.

Benefits include: Prevention of disease, mood boosting, increased energy, clearer skin, weight loss and craving reduction.


8.)   Decoding Ingredients

This workshop covers…

  • How to decode ingredients and what to look for and avoid.

Benefits include: Learning how to shop for the healthiest products at the grocery store with the least harmful ingredients.


For more details contact Tara Liz 646-833-7644 or via email taraliz@healthystepsforward.com

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